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Welcome to SPA

Increasingly companies want to provide more sustainable products and be more sustainable in how they operate. Within this context, packaging is a high profile issue that must be considered in a company’s sustainability strategy.

Brand owners, packaging companies and retailers are all pressed to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging; driven by various Government regulation, consumer expectations, corporate goals, branding, cost reductions and logistics optimisation.

SPA arms businesses with the knowledge, tools and skills to make informed packaging sustainability decisions that generate commercial and sustainability benefits.  We draw upon our industry, academic and Government networks to provide packaging sustainability tools, services, development and networking events.  Click here to download brochure.


Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool

SPA is the global distributor of PIQET, a web based business tool used for rapid packaging environmental impact assessments.  PIQET is used to optimise packaging system design from a sustainability perspective in all stages of the product development process.

PIQET is also used for training to build an understanding of the life cycle impacts of packaging and develop business capability to make more sustainable decisions. 

PIQET is accessed through a direct license from SPA. Licenses include training, technical support and access to regular updates.  

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