SPA designs and delivers public and organisational specific workshops and training programs.
Events target the development of knowledge and skills required by different business functions to understand, respond to and achieve sustainability and business outcomes through packaging. We recognise needs vary widely throughout a business and aim to create a better dialogue within specific business functions eg packaging designers, brand managers, sales and business development teams, as well as throughout the organisation as a whole.

For example, the Packaging Sustainability Design workshop introduces packaging designers to LCA and the environmental impacts of packaging. The workshop also involves designers using PIQET to assess and understand the environmental impacts of case studies relevant to their business.

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SPA’s Breakfast Seminars engage senior executives in packaging sustainability to  keep them abreast of current developments, learn from peer experiences and keep sustainability matters and the role of packaging on the company radar.

Conducted over 90 minutes, the seminars demonstrate the business case and benefits for investing in packaging sustainability initiatives and connect the business community with global packaging sustainability initiatives.