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Coca Cola Amatil presents at the Sustainable Packaging Breakfast Series
SPA presents to the 2nd International Seminar and Exhibition Sustainable Packaging, Colombia
2010 PIQET Overview
2010 Nestle Presentation from SPA 16th Round Table
2009 Presentation to the 6th Australian Conference on Life Cycle Assessment
2008 Nestle and the PIQET Experience
2008 Mildura Wine Forum
2008 AusPlas Plastics and Sustainability Seminar: Dr Karli Verghese
2008 AIP National Conference Sydney: Dr Karli Verghese
2008 AIP National Conference Sydney: Dr Juin Majumdar
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2010 Nestle Presentation

Sustainability and Packaging Development:

To view a copy of the presenation given by Jacky Nordsvan from Nestle at the 16th Round Table held in Melbourne on 6th May 2010 please click here



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