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Products and Services

SPA provides private and public sector organisations with a range of packaging tools and services that enable the uptake of its knowledge, utilise its specialist capability to advance sustainable packaging, ecodesign and innovation, and ensure its activities and expertise are relevant to rapidly changing environments.


SPA is the global distributor of PIQET, a web based business tool used for rapid packaging environmental impact assessments. 

PIQET is used to optimise packaging system design from a sustainability perspective in all stages of the product development process. PIQET is also used for training to build an understanding of the life cycle impacts of packaging and develop business capability to make more sustainable decisions. 

PIQET is accessed through a direct license from SPA. Licenses include training, technical support and access to regular updates.


PIQET can also be accessed via SPA’s packaging for sustainability services.  SPA provides PIQET Assessments to companies seeking to understand the impacts of their current packaging or, who wish to explore ideas for new packaging formats and how to better use packaging to meet their corporate sustainability goals.

Assessments are completed within an agreed timeline and budget. Reports include PIQET generated reports and interpretation reports to aid decision-making.


PIQET is a streamlined Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool. Where a more comprehensive life cycle analysis is required SPA, through its strategic partnerships, provides access to cost-effective, packaging specific life cycle capability. Partners include Australia’s RMIT Centre for Design the developers of the PIQET life cycle assessment methodologies.

A dedicated Project Leader works with you to confirm the scope of your project and co-ordinate the assessment. Our communication throughout the project; during and post delivery ensures that you fully understand the analysis, key assumptions and results.

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