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Site Credits

The Sustainable Packaging Alliance web site will continue to develop and strengthen concurrently with the expansion of tools and resources of the SPA. We look forward to building a community within the Sustainable Packaging research population with such features as Membership Areas, Forums and online Sustainable Packaging Tools.

SPA web site has been built using a customized Content Management System from Mantis Technologies. Web site interface design developed by CollisionLab.

Creative Director: Nicole Fitzgerald, CollisionLab
Technical Director: David Mason, Mantis Technologies
Site hosted by: MantisHosting

For further information contact Nicole Fitzgerald


Accessibility Rating

The SPA website has been built to meet the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) standards that relate to access for people with disabilities. At the time of launch the SPA web site has passed all priority one requirements.

For complete Accessibility Guidelines & Checklist see

The SPA website is continuously updated by a variety of authors and is constructed by a dynamic Content Management System. There is the possibility that accessibility issues may be encountered. If you experience difficulty accessing data, or if you experience any other accessibility difficulties, please email the SPA webmaster or use our Feedback Form

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